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Company Name Analyst Name
Capital Investment Management Corp. Li-Yen Chen
Cathay Futures Securities & Futures Advisory. Riemann Chen
Concord Securities Co., Ltd. Eason Wu
Deutsche Bank in Asia Pacific. Jessica Chang
Credit Suisse Randy Abrams
Fubon Securities Investment Service Co., Ltd. Mike Shen
Horizon Securities Co., Ltd. Chunhung Chang
Jihsun Securities Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Wenwen Wang
Masterlink Securities Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. Chelsey Su
Mega International Service Co., Ltd Vicky Hung
President Capital Management Corp. Piter Yang
SinoPac Securities Investment Service. Martina Huang
Yuanta Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Jennifer Chen
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Attention: Above list is prepared in accordance with an objective standard of GMT based on information available to the GMT at the time of posting. Please note that there may be other analysts who are not included in this list and that the information may not always be up to date.
  • This list is posted not for the purpose of soliciting or recommending trading in GMT's shares, but for the purpose of providing investors with information about analysts who analyze the performance, etc. of GMT and make forecasts, along with their institution affiliations.
  • Analysts included and not included on this list analyze the performance, operations, products and technologies, etc. of GMT and forecast financial results based on their independent judgment. GMT is not involved in any of these processes. In addition, GMT will not support or guarantee the forecasts, opinions or recommendation of these analysts.
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